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Garage Door Insulation

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Is your garage extremely hot in summer and freezing cold in winter? Did you know that the temperature within your garage dramatically impacts the overall comfort and energy efficiency of your home? Fortunately, there is a solution to combat these extreme temperature fluctuations: Garage Door Insulation.


By insulating your garage door, you can create a more comfortable environment, regulate the temperature, and improve energy efficiency throughout your home. Insulation acts as a barrier, preventing the transfer of heat or cold between the outside and inside of your garage. It helps to maintain a stable and moderate temperature, making your garage a more usable space year-round.

In many homes, the garage plays a key role. Other than being a place to park your vehicles, it is often transformed into an extra living area, man cave, media room or a retreat. Installing insulation in your garage door adds an extra layer of thermal protection to your property and significantly increases the overall energy efficiency of your home.

How does Garage Insulation Work?

Foilboard® garage door insulation panels work by creating a radiant barrier to heat and cold transfer through your garage door panels. This means that your property is protected from heat and cold penetration year round. Foilboard® for Garage Insulation can be installed during construction of the garage door or retrofitted at any time.

Foilboard have many benefits and are the superior product on the market, Foilboard panels are extremely lightweight unlike other products meaning no additional strain is put on the garage door motor. The panels are also installed using an air gap between the door and the panels which is crucial to the overall performance of the insulation, most other products are installed directly to the garage door using glue which can deteriorate overtime and cause the panels to move or fall out.

Manufactured in Australia from a fire retardant expanded polystyrene core (FR-EPS) with pure aluminium foil directly laminated to both sides, creating a SUPERIOR INSULANT, THERMAL BREAK and NON-PERMEABLE MOISTURE BARRIER.

Foilboard® GREEN has been engineered and designed to ensure a quick and easy installation of a non-itchy, fibre free rigid insulation panel that will provide continuous thermal performance for the life of the building.

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The Benefits of Insulating your Garage

Perfect Temperature

Foilboard garage door insulation keeps the heat out in summer and the heat from escaping in winter

An Extra Room

Whether it be for a hobby, a business venture, a man cave or a media room, insulating your garage door can help create an extra room without need for renovation

Noise Reduction

Foilboard garage door insulation also helps reduce sound transmission through the garage door.

Looks Great

The insulation has an attractive embossed foil face which transforms your garage door from a mess or metal to a stylish feature.

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