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Pro-Fit Insulation Pty LTD

Providing professional insulation solutions to builders and homeowners throughout Southeast QLD and Northeast NSW


Pro-Fit Insulation is a trusted supplier of quality insulation solutions across South-East QLD and North-East NSW.

Our consultative and collaborative approach to all projects ensures quality workmanship and exceptional service for our clients from consultation through to completion of work.

We keep abreast of the industry, acquiring the latest equipment and utilising the highest quality resources, Our can do attitude & ability to adapt makes us the best at what we do – delivering projects of the highest quality and accuracy, beyond customer expectation.

Pro-Fit specialise in insulation supply and installation across a range of building sectors including residential, commercial and industrial.

Our Services

Thermal Ceiling Insulation

Keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter whilst providing maximum energy efficiency year round and savings on energy bills.

Acoustic Insulation

For underfloor, ceiling and wall aplications. Providing sound deadening properties and reducing the transfer of noise throughout your home.

Thermal Wall Insulation

Assisting in the transfer of unwanted heat or cold from external and internal wall cavities.

External Wall Wrap

Wall Wraps are additional layers of protection that shield your home from water-related weather damage, mould or rot, and minimise hot & cold draughts blowing through the home

Commercial & Industrial Insulation

Large scale commercial and industrial projects such as child care, education, community and government developments.

Whirlybird Ventilation

Combined with a well-insulated roof whirlybirds provide year round comfort, reduce energy bills and provide you with an energy efficient home.

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Reduces internal temperatures in summer

Keeps warmth in during winter

Significantly reduces energy bills

Ensures your home is energy efficient to national standards


Potential energy savings

40% - 55%

Roof Insulation

The roof cavity is the most important area of the home to insulate. Without a well insulated roof cavity heat easily transfers through the top of your roof , into the roof cavity and down through your ceiling. The opposite occurs in winter, any warmth generated within your home easily escapes up through your ceiling and into the roof cavity.

20% - 25%

Wall Insulation

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing home, then make the most of the opportunity and install high quality wall insulation. Insulating the internal walls of your home can further help to reduce your energy usuage and increase the energy efficiency of your home.

20% - 25%

Floor Insulation

Underfloor insulation helps to reduce your energy bills and create a more comfortable home. Our team install glasswool and polyester underfloor products in new and existing homes across The Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW





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