Pink Batts ® Glasswool Wall Insulation


Pink Batts ® Wall Insulation is manufactured in Australia by Fletcher Insulation and remains one of Australia’s favourite insulation brands. In addition to the popular thermal ceiling insulation range, Fletcher insulation manufactures an extensive range of other products:


Designed for thermal insulation of internal and external walls in residential building applications. It is the trusted choice when it comes to constructing new homes or retrofitting existing buildings. Made from up to 80% recycled materials.


  • Lifetime consumer warranty
  • Non-combustible in accordance with AS/NZS1530 Part 1
  • Recover to their natural thickness, fast
  • Batts are friction fitted and will remain in place without slumping for continual thermal performance
  • Comfortable to handle during installation
  • Safe to use with allergy sufferers due to low VOC


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